Mar 4, 2012

Pictures for Dad

These are a few of the pictures I have.. need to take more!

Sep 14, 2010

Gage... Fulfilling a Dream

What a cutie! Gage is the son of a good family friend. She said that her mom called him her cabbage patch baby that she never had. Given that little tidbit of information, when we went to extra foods and bought some cabbages to set up a shot for her to have. I love your little cabbage patch baby!






Sep 12, 2010

Going Home

There is something about going to the Valley that feels comfortable.. visiting, laughing, and getting to spend some time with my younger sister. On my trip this time I booked a number of family sessions. Thank you for the opportunity to capture the moments that make you all special! I still have more to finish today, but here is a sneak peek for some of you!

20100823_5048 copy

20100823_5007 copy

20100823_5084 copy

20100823_4972 copy

20100823_4963 copy

20100820_6597 copy

20100817_5939 copy

20100817_5890 copy

20100817_5595 copy

20100817_5570 copy

20100817_5558 copy

20100817_5534 copy

20100816_5712 copy

20100816_5698 copy

20100816_5163 copy

20100816_5157 copy

20100816_5139 copy

20100816_5117 copy

Jul 22, 2010


Blogging! It's great, but it's one of those things that gets left behind on my list of to do.... Here are a few that I had a wonderful time capturing!